Blind Spot Mirrors 2 Inch Circular for drivers of cars and vans

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Blind spot mirrors are essential for all drivers and driving instructors.

code: RV16P

Not only do they give you a wider field of view than the normal side mirrors, but for driving instructors they provide and added field of vision from the passenger side.

Blind Spot Mirrors for Dual Carriageways

This is invaluable for when you are driving on dual carriageways so that as a passenger you can clearly see if there is anything on your left or right, for when you are on slip roads, overtaking or changing lanes

Blind Spot Mirrors for Manoeuvres

When it comes to reversing and doing any of the driving test manoeuvres, using blind spot mirrors, help both the pupil and the instructor see more of the kerbs, the parking bay lines and any obstacles whilst doing the manoeuvre

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