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Best Ways To Keep A Car Clean

Put it on blocks in your air conditioned clean room. :-)

To keep it clean in the real world? I’d start with a Ceramic Coating. If it’s really, really important to you, don’t ever drive it in the rain or snow. Once it’s been driven in the rain, it’ll have stains and dirt underneath that will never come off.

Get on YouTube and look at detailing videos. “Pan the Organizer” is a good place to start. There are videos that show you how to wash your car so that the paint doesn’t get swirl marks. There are videos on how to apply ceramic coatings and how to detail the interior. Good stuff.

The main thing is to keep up with it. Don’t let the dirt build up because it gets more and more difficult to get rid of all of it. With a ceramic coating, a pressure washer, pH neutral soap, two buckets and a leaf blower, you can have the outside of your car detail shiny and clean in literally 10 minutes.