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What Is The Best Way To Maintain Your Car's Engine? - Driver Training Ltd

What Is The Best Way To Maintain Your Car's Engine?

1-Regularly Change Your Filters

Your car's air filter and oil filter are its first line of defense. Parts like these keep debris out of the engine compartment, while ensuring the oil lubricating and cleaning the engine's nooks and crannies is clean. The combustion process is optimized and there is no unnecessary wear and tear.

Change these filters according to the intervals prescribed in your car's service schedule.

2-Regularly Top Off Your Engine's Fluids

Make sure the coolant and engine oil levels are correct. With the dipstick and the guide marking in their respective compartments, you can easily do this. Engine oil keeps all of your engine's core components lubricated and functioning efficiently. Having low engine oil levels can lead to more wear and tear.

Coolant helps dissipate heat generated by your engine. Having low coolant levels can cause the engine to overheat and damage its internal components.

3-Timing Belts And Spark Plugs Need To Be Changed

Your engine's valves open and close with the help of a timing belt. Your engine's performance and efficiency depend on this critical aspect of the combustion process. Spark plugs ignite the air-fuel mixture as it enters the engine through the inlet valves of petrol engines.

The engine's combustion cycle is disrupted by a worn-out timing belt, and a malfunctioning spark plug will result in inefficient igniting of the fuel in the combustion chamber. Your engine's long-term performance can be affected by all of these factors.

While these components have a long life-cycle, they must be changed according to the instructions.

4-Stick To Service Intervals

Follow your car's recommended service intervals. Regardless of how often you drive your car, leaving it unused can cause components to jam up and cause your car to wear out faster. By following your service schedule, you will be able to monitor your engine's performance regularly and diagnose any problems. Try to have your car serviced at an authorised dealership, as this will ensure that your car is getting the best attention.

5-Practice Smooth Driving

You should adjust your driving style so that it is not harsh on the machinery. Use progressive inputs while accelerating, braking, or turning. Heavy acceleration and braking will put more strain on the engine. Make sure you're in the right gear for your speed. This will not add unnecessary load on your engine and keep it running smoothly.