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adi part 3 driving instructor training - 2 out of 3 trainees fail the adi part 3 test

ADI Part 3 Training - 2 out of 3 Fail the test

65% of Trainees Fail The Part 3 Test

The latest DVSA figures show that those taking the ADI Part 3 test have a pass rate of just 35%. This means the 2 out of 3 trainee driving instructors will fail the adi part 3.

If you have failed your ADI Part 3 then we as ORDIT registered trainers can help you

Our ADI Part 3 recovery training can help you understand what went wrong, how to improve and give you the best chance of passing next time.

Failed ADI Part 3?

If you have failed your ADI Part 3 test, it's understandable that you may feel disappointed or frustrated. Here are a few suggestions to help you improve:

  1. Analyze your performance: Review your test results and identify areas where you struggled. Understanding your weaknesses will help you focus on improving specific aspects.

  2. Seek feedback: If possible, ask for feedback from your examiner or a qualified driving instructor. Their insights can provide valuable guidance on areas that need improvement.

  3. Practice and prepare: Develop a structured practice plan that targets your weaknesses. Consider working with a qualified ADI instructor who can provide tailored training to address your specific needs.

What happens if I Fail ADI Part 3

4 - Mock tests: Take advantage of mock tests offered by training schools or professional organizations. These simulated exams can help you familiarize yourself with the test format and identify any areas that still require improvement.

5 - Reflect and learn: Reflect on your previous test experience and learn from it. Consider what went well and what areas you need to work on. Maintain a positive mindset and stay motivated throughout the process.

6 - Stay up to date: Keep yourself updated with the latest driving instruction techniques and regulations. Continuously learning and staying informed will enhance your knowledge and skills as an instructor.

Remember that becoming a skilled driving instructor takes time and practice. Don't be discouraged by setbacks, but instead, view them as opportunities for growth and improvement.