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  • 3 ADI Part 3 Questions

    3 ADI Part 3 Questions

    ADI Part 3 Online Training

    Are you considering taking an online course to prepare for the ADI part three test? Online training has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering convenience and flexibility for aspiring driving instructors. But is it worth it? Let's explore the pros and cons of online training versus traditional in-car training.

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  • ADI Part Three - Levels of Instruction

    ADI Part Three - Levels of Instruction

    Welcome to Driver training. There are three main levels of instruction. Fully guided or commentary driving which is where you tell the pupil everything they need to do and when they need to do it. You have prompted which is questions to find out if the person has gaps in their knowledge or understanding.
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  • ADI Part 3 Teaching and Learning Styles

    ADI Part 3 Teaching and Learning Styles

    Hi, welcome to driver training. In this session, we're going to do a bit of a change. We're going through currently the ADI part three marking sheet, but we're going to deal with one specific point in this video We're going on to teaching and learning strategies. However, point 10 of that is, was the teaching style suited to the pupil's learning style and current ability.
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  • ADI Part 3 Lesson Plans  For driving instructors aiming to excel in their profession, familiarity with ADI Part 3 lesson plans is essential.

    ADI Part 3 Lesson Plans - How to use them

    The ADI Part 3 briefing folder is a valuable resource that encapsulates the lesson plan diagrams and other pertinent instructional materials. It serves as a centralized hub for instructors to organize their lesson plans, track student progress, and make necessary adjustments to their teaching approach.
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  • adi part 3 driving instructor training - 2 out of 3 trainees fail the adi part 3 test

    ADI Part 3 Training - 2 out of 3 Fail the test

    65% of Trainees Fail The Part 3 Test

    The latest DVSA figures show that those taking the ADI Part 3 test have a pass rate of just 35%. This means the 2 out of 3 trainee driving instructors will fail the adi part 3.

    If you have failed your ADI Part 3 then we as ORDIT registered trainers can help you

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  • ADI Part 3 training - Spot the fault

     When it comes to training to become a driving instructor, being able to spot the faults will boost your chances of passing the adi part 2, adi part 3 and standards check test.

    In the long term it means you become a better driving instructor as your pupils will be able to understand any faults they make and so correct them.

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