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driving instructor lesson plans diagrams for adi training, pdi training, ADI standards check tests

The Best driving instructor lesson plans diagrams

The Best driving instructor lesson plans diagrams.

Driving Instructor Lesson Plans

Most briefing folders simply have one picture on a subject and leave the rest to you.

These folders are different – we actively help you to become a better driver,  a better teacher and we help your pupils become better drivers!

We provide the instructions that you need, to help you become a better driver – to help you become a better teacher – and to help your students become better drivers


The complete folder contains over 320 pages of driving instructor lesson plans designed by ORDIT registered driving instructor trainers Driver Training Ltd. They have been driving instructor trainers for almost 20 years and have helped hundreds of people become driving instructors.

They cover help for manual and automatic cars

However our folders are different – If you already have a briefing folder – You can just order a folder on the subject that you want to cover more thoroughly

  • Manoeuvres
  • Crossroads – Including box junctions
  • Emerging, Turning and Y junctions
  • Roundabouts including mini roundabout and Spiral Roundabouts
  • Cockpit drill and controls
  • Dual Carriageway and Motorway Driving
  • Overtaking on single roads and Dual carriageways and Meeting traffic

These driving instructor lesson plans are great for the following:

    Briefing pupils on subjects for the first time, with easy to understand pictures that flow in order.

    Open Q&A sessions to start recapitulating on a subject at the beginning, middle or end of a lesson.

    Pictures tell more than words – you can talk less and get the answers out of your pupils, encouraging and developing your pupil’s thinking.

    Looks extremely professional and hard wearing.

About the Driving Instructor Lesson Planner

Driving Instructor Lesson Planner


This driving instructor lesson planner has been designed to assist both PDIs and ADIs, Drivers and those learning to drive