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  • ADI Part 3 Lesson Plan - Are you on the same page?

    ADI Part 3 Lesson Plan - Are you on the same page?

    What is a Briefing Folder?

    A briefing folder is a structured document that contains all the necessary information, guidelines, and instructions related to a specific topic or task. In the context of driving lessons, a briefing folder can include diagrams, checklists, rules of the road, and other essential information that the student needs to know.

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  • ADI Part 3 Lesson Plans  For driving instructors aiming to excel in their profession, familiarity with ADI Part 3 lesson plans is essential.

    ADI Part 3 Lesson Plans - How to use them

    The ADI Part 3 briefing folder is a valuable resource that encapsulates the lesson plan diagrams and other pertinent instructional materials. It serves as a centralized hub for instructors to organize their lesson plans, track student progress, and make necessary adjustments to their teaching approach.
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  • ADI Part 3 training - Spot the fault

     When it comes to training to become a driving instructor, being able to spot the faults will boost your chances of passing the adi part 2, adi part 3 and standards check test.

    In the long term it means you become a better driving instructor as your pupils will be able to understand any faults they make and so correct them.

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